In March of 2013, the first issue of Visión Doble magazine, an online publication centered on the analysis and evaluation of art exhibitions in Puerto Rico, came into being with the support of the Art History Program of the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus. Since then, and throughout the four years since its inception, Visión Doble has been published without interruption, faithful to its monthly commitment to its readers. Additional sections were added, making it possible to broaden the scope of interests and approaches to artistic creation in Puerto Rico. Interviews, projects developed on the island and abroad, essays, book reviews, and even a section with articles made available in English—thanks to the collaboration of the Graduate Program in Translation, also located on the Río Piedras Campus—have helped shape the tone and content of the magazine.

Visión Doble has carried on for the past four years by virtue of the collaboration of distinguished art historians and critics, as well as new authors approaching the practice of art criticism for the first time. The wealth of knowledge of the former and the experience offered to the latter have, in turn, helped shape the character of this magazine. The result of this dual perspective has been 329 articles that, comprising different interests and genres, have been put forth to analyze and cover the events taking place within the Puerto Rican art scene. In a similar vein, Visión Doble has directed its attention both to the artistic contributions of established institutions and to those of emerging spaces that are beginning to organize a schedule of exhibitions and events. Cognizant of the efforts that all visual creators and artistic spaces make in order to fulfill their own expectations and objectives, one of the main goals of Visión Doble has also been to document and disseminate these projects.

Celebrating its fourth anniversary, Visión Doble forges a new path in its monthly publication by incorporating new contributors and perspectives in its content. Aiming to enrich and broaden the scope of the magazine, Visión Doble will focus its interests in forthcoming editions on art history as a discipline. The goal is to explain and impart this history, while keeping it updated, on the basis of academically rigorous criteria used to educate and deepen its value in addressing the complexity of the world today. In this sense, the Puerto Rican signature that the magazine has exclusively maintained until now is expanding toward more comprehensive topics from a thematic standpoint and in terms of geographical scope.

Without forgetting the publication’s angle, which has always been geared toward art criticism, another one of the main objectives of the magazine will also be to stimulate research and reflection with a more scholarly edge. Once a year, there will be an open call for articles and essays pertaining to art history with the aim of broad dissemination. These essays and articles will continue to be published electronically.

Keeping the interests of its readers in mind by offering them more diverse content and broader perspectives, Visión Doble will continue to fulfill its commitment through its contributors and collaborators. We hope that our profound gratitude will reach every one of our readers and authors who, up to this point, have made this project a reality. In commemoration of these past four years of monthly publications, we share with you again the seventeen articles that comprised the inaugural edition of Visión Doble.

Translated by Colleen Dwyer, Joan Pabón and Brandice Walker

Versión en Español

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